Spiritual Practices

We believe there are practices, both ancient and modern, that connect us to one another, our inner-most selves, and the Divine. Through practices such as contemplation, prayerful reflection, and gratitude we can become more aware of God's presence and action in our daily lives. There are endless possibilities for spiritual practice, but below are a few to get you started. 
Image by Colton Sturgeon

Personal Prayer

For your prayer, first begin by identifying a time each day, when you have the space in your schedule to spend some time in prayer.  The regular time for prayer will very with individual persons.  Perhaps for you, it’s as you are driving to work or perhaps it’s that quiet moment early in the morning, sitting at the kitchen table with a fresh cup of coffee or perhaps it’s at the end of the day, just before you go to bed.


Secondly, find that space which you can use regularly for prayer.  Again, as with timing, that space may vary from your kitchen table to your bedroom to your morning jog to your sunporch.  The principal criterion for your prayer space is that it should be conducive to opening your heart to God.


How to pray to God as an Individual (Outline)

  1. Centering oneself to enter into prayer

  2. Thanksgiving.  Give God thanks for three blessings in life

  3. Confession and Asking for Forgiveness

  4. Concerns and Requests – Petitions/Intercessory Prayer

  5. Listening for God

  6. Asking for Guidance and Blessing

The "Jesus Prayer"

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”


There are many different forms of the Jesus prayer and you can make of your own to fit your faith journey or circumstances.  The Jesus prayer listed above is the traditional one.


Repeat the prayer over and over again.  Try this repetitive prayer for five minutes at first.  The point of the “Jesus prayer” is that repeating the words over and over again requires just a little mental effort to prevent your brain from wandering off, but at the same time it creates an opening in your brain to experience God’s Presence speaking to you. 

Walking Gratitude Prayer

Go for a walk and watch keenly for things to give God thanks for.

"Rolling Sanctuary" Prayer

​While driving...

  • At each red light, pray for those who are ill or in special need

  • At each stop sign, light up one’s own shortcomings and sins—and ask for forgiveness

  • At each green light, pray for the activities of the day

  • Look for some scene or object that makes you grateful and give God thanks

    • Beautiful sunset

    • Strong oak

    • Someone waving another motorist through

    • American flag

    • Beautiful blue skies

Writing Exercise

Imagine that God has written a letter to you.  The letter begins by saying,


“Dear  (your name),


You are my beloved daughter/son, with

whom I am well pleased…”


What would God say to you next?


Write the letter that you believe God would write…

Lectio Divina Meditation

​Lection (read) a Biblical passage

Meditation reflect on what God may be saying to you as you read

Oration  pray to God, offering your reflection back as to what this scripture means in your life

Contemplation  abide for a while in God’s presence, being open to God speaking to you

Some suggestions, God calls us:

a) 1 Samuel 3:  1-10             

b) Luke 19:  1-10       

c) 1 Kings 19:  11-14

d)   John 4:  7-26                    

e) Exodus 3: 1-12       

f) Matthew 4:  18-22

g)   Luke 10:  38-42               

h) 1 Kings 19:  19-21  

i) Acts 9:  3-9

j)   Isaiah 6:  1-8                    

k)  Romans 16:  1-2    

l)  1 Samuel 16: 4-13